The only thing that should be constant in life is change, therefore dull, static or rather stagnant behavior is detrimental to one’s growth and development. When I speak of change here it is not just about activity or movement, I am referring to history, future or life altering occurrences. I have come to a conclusion that the journey of life is an open road, like a race you enter the finish line, looking forward to the next one. So when you grow up you are preparing yourself for the next level of your life, where you will be facing new challenges and new experiences. Trying to change your life and actually changing it can be somewhat easy, but to maintain that change is the difficult part. Even if you can create something for yourself, a legacy of some sort. You cannot say you have achieved, if that lagacy of yours cannot be used to sustain your life. With all that being said I leave you with words of encouragement, be patient, stay strong, never give up and have faith that things will change for the better.